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Minerva Public School



Kakor Road, Adarsh Nangla (Baghpat)

Monday to Saturday

07:30 AM - 07:00 PM


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Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

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Minerva Public School Buildings

The colorful and vibrant buildings of Minerva pulic school Schools stand out as symbols of hope in a rural backdrop. The building design promotes natural flow of light and air, thereby saving electricity and providing a conducive and joyful learning environment to the children.

Building as Learning Aids

In addition, the senior secondary schools and new schools under construction have incorporated the BALA (Buildings as Learning Aids) concept of using the school building as a learning aid in itself. The integration of this technique ensures that with multiple exposures to these inbuilt teaching learning aids, children will unconsciously inherit these concepts and remember them in the long run.

Drinking Water and Electricity

Lack of drinking water and regular supply of electricity is a reality and a huge challenge in remote parts of India. At the Minerva public Schools, various options like bore wells, submersible pumps, private water pipelines and water tankers have been adopted to ensure regular availability of water. Additionally, alternate sources of power and the use of inverters are also being explored for schools where the provision of electricity is a distant possibility.

Separate Toilet for Girls

Lack of separate, safe and clean toilets is a key reason for low enrollment and attendance in most schools. All Minerva public school have been provided with clean, safe and separate toilets for girls and boys to ensure clean sanitation facilities and prevent girl drop-outs.