Goldsmith Hall. New York, NY 90210


Minerva Public School



Kakor Road, Adarsh Nangla (Baghpat)

Monday to Saturday

07:30 AM - 07:00 PM


123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Manager Message

 Education is the gradual culmination of small steps in the right direction. MPS aims at well – rounded development of its students. It aims to set young minds free to accept new ways, embrace new technologies and march ahead confidently in tune with the latest in the world. We provide a happy blend of educational system which is based on appreciation of traditional values & understanding of modern techniques of learning. We strive to produce such citizens who would take the nation forward. With the dawn of each New Year & passing of each new day, MPS carries on with mission of spreading the light of education that may lead all from darkness of ignorance to radiance of knowledge.

Puneet Kumar