Goldsmith Hall. New York, NY 90210


Minerva Public School



Kakor Road, Adarsh Nangla (Baghpat)

Monday to Saturday

07:30 AM - 07:00 PM


123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Principal’s Message


Children are main & supremely important because they are the future of family, society & nation. They should grow well into a strong personality, physically, mentally alert, morally healthy, intellectually and fully developed. Education is the real training of H3- Head, Heart, Hand.

This is the school with the modern facilities where we help the children to achieve a height of excellence in all the fields. By the good & proper education one can be self dependent and stand on one’s own feet. Then he can progress his family, society, and nation. The aim of our school is to provide the best education to make a good citizen and give a strong foundation for bright future of students.

God offers the Brian to every human being. Thus our duty is to develop it and to grow well the child by providing a natural and healthy environment of learning. We as parents and teacher must give our children a world with a happy & positive environment so that children can radiate brilliance, excellence and perfection in all pursuits of their life.