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Minerva Public School



Kakor Road, Adarsh Nangla (Baghpat)

Monday to Saturday

07:30 AM - 07:00 PM


123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

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Monday to Friday

Founder Message


Sh S. P. Singh


Dear Parents,
In Response of our former prime minister Late Ch. Charan Singh’thought Iरत वर्ष का विकास गाँव की गली ओर खेत खलिहानो से होकर गुजरता हे ! And long cherished desire of resident of rural area, we founded the

“MINERVA Public School” it was formally inaugurated in April 2001. Now the school has attained new heights and affiliated to CBSE New Delhi. Our aim is to serve you before self; its means that we serve other willingly, graciously & selflessly. We except something in return of our service, because there is great pleasure in giving than receiving. We feel that by serving others we serve GOD.There are a large number of school in this area therefore you must choose the school for your child very carefully because your decision will be the most important for the bright future of your child. Hence please look out for our some point:-

First of all confirm about the recognition of school and up-to which class.School should be reliable, having good reputation and name. A good institution gives personalized attention so that your child does’t remains just a face in crowd. An environment which encourage all around development besides academies excellence. Healthy environment which to develop confidence to handle all challenges in life. Application for latest technology. Vision to prepare a good citizen of tomorrow having good thought equipped strongly to face challenges of life. To provide holistic education to develop the qualities of humanity, honesty integrity, co-operation tolerance and traditional values.

I hope and look forward to welcome you at MINERVA PUBLIC SCHOOL>God bless you